Web Start-up Process and Information: Contact Virtual Resource Systems' via our contacts

page with your name, phone number, business interest, and a valid email address; we will reply

with the an application for you to fill out and return.  The web host is a start-up for businesses

and not meant to be a large enterprise project; you may use it as long as desired or until you feel

the need to expand to larger services.


VRS Web Hosting Features: 

* 5mb storage

* ~web link name

* Unlimited transfers per month

* One (1) pop 3 e-mail account (25 MB Storage)

* Web based e-mail service available

* 3, 6, 12, and 24 Month Service Agreements


NO sexually explicit material, promotion of hate, violence, illegal activities, discrimination, profanity

or links to such material.  NO advertising of products, services, or companies of any kind that

promote the above.  NO copyrighted material unless you are the owner of the material.



* The above rules also apply to ANY files stored in user web directories; regardless of accessibility.

* VRS reserves the right to remove your website if you are in violation of any of the guidelines.

* These sites are for business startups or minimally required pages with low overhead.

* VRS reserves the right to refuse service on any basis as stated or as it deems appropriate.

* If you would like to host a larger commercial site, technical solutions provided on demand.

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