VRSDirect Magazine, the flagship publication of Virtual Resource Systems, publishes technical and  non-technical content that covers various aspects of information technology (IT) and information assurance (IA); to include topics about the end user, e-commerce, network management, security, consumer alerts, helpful tech tips, and general IT/IA articles of interest. Some articles are the professional opinion of IT professionals and are duly noted.

VRSDirect has taken the IT community by storm!  VRSDirect's goal is to provide the IT community, both professional and consumer, with in-depth objective views and insights that can be used immediately.  Our article's readability are spread across the spectrum from home and work computer users to information managers and technicians. We believe computers and information systems permeate our society and the need for clear and concise guidance is a big part of our responsibility as professionals.


Vision:  To empower businesses, deliver exceptional content, and customer services by utilizing the best of online and offline resources.

Mission:  Offer low cost affordable and competitive IT services to businesses and consumers.  We feel it is our mission to make businesses aware that there is a low cost, high quality alternative that will fit in-line with their budgets and corporate goals.

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VRSDirect disseminates one newsletter a month. This newsletter usually coincides with VRSDirect Magazine; providing the latest news, alerts and trends from key and reliable resources.  On occasion, there will be alerts that require more immediate notification and awareness to the community; breaking news, and/or 0-day threats.  Users must sign up to receive the electronic newsletter.

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